Online Karate Academy®

Yearly Karate Training Diary

Specialized training diary for karate and other martial arts for daily training for one year.


Who is Author - Ondra:

Ing. Ondřej Charvát

founder of Online Karate Academy®

4th Dan, coach, chairman of the karate club, competitor and representative of the Czech Republic in several organizations

A book that will improve your training



Guides, drawers, tips

Real data

no subjective evaluation of the success of the training, but real information that you write down yourself


visible shifts, discipline training for diary entry

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In the training diary, you will get space for your self-reflection, registration of your trainings for better and more effective planning on 533 pages.

What can you do with the book?

  • Daily record of training and progress
  • Weekly training planning
  • Weekly diet planning
  • Weekly performance testing
  • Monthly planning of training cycles
  • Annual targets plan

How do you know it's for you?

  • You want to prepare effectively - to have a clear goal
  • You want to develop in karate and other sports
  • ou want to keep track of your workouts and be motivated
  • You really want to move forward in terms of performance
  • Do you like training diaries and this is TOP!

What do the karate practitioners say about the training diary?


I am currently testing the diary and I have to say that I am very satisfied with its contents


Even as a coach, I want to monitor my own progress, I'm testing the diary so far and I'm excited.


I like to follow goals and steps towards them. The diary offers me exactly that, I'm testing so far and I already know that I will want an annual diary.

Are you going to do it?

Clearly! I want to order:

19 EUR
E-book for a year's training - immediately
12 months of training records
Printed book
39 EUR
12 months of training records
Printed version of the book - pre-order