Ondřej Charvát - my story

Founder of  Karate365 and Online Karate Academy
Trainer, Coach, and Athlete.

"Take each training as an opportunity to become a better version of yourself.”

„…following my path since an early age.“

My journey to the world of martial arts began when I was only 4 years old and decided to learn karate as all my childhood heroes did…

As time progressed and I grew older, I changed schools every now and then, which led me to train in different gyms in various different cities. Step by step, I gained experience with variety of training approaches without even knowing I would use them to my advantage one day...

„... in the role of a trainer since 18 years old…

maybe even earlier.“

My trainer´s path developed simultaneously with my fighter´s career without me realizing– at first, it was only an opportunity to train and prepare for competitions alongside other fighters… only later, I started to lead and take responsibility for a competitive training group.

As a result of that, I got my karate trainer´s license at the age of 18 (the lowest possible age for obtaining a license).

„… just one moment led to an end… or a new beginning?“

It takes only one second and your life can turn „upside down“. This was literally my case. All it took was one mistake while skiing during a well-deserved relaxing time after a wonderful season. The crash resulted in twisting my knee by 270° degrees.This was the time when I was physically maturing and growing up, facing the biggest decision of my life. There were two options for me: give up on everything and abandon my sports career or fight back for my life and start over.

„…when you learn everything again, you
have enough time to think it over.“

Fortunately, I chose the second option not to give up and fight. As it turned out later, it meant a different thing than I originally imagined. I eagerly jumped into the treatment, surgeries and rehabilitation, breaking records on exercise bike and other recovery equipment… but after few unsuccessful attempts to get back to competing, I found out that patience is the best remedy.

„…train just for the movement... for the moment“

After two never-ending years of healing, rehabilitation, attempts to come back and a huge support from my doctors and loved ones, whom I owe a thanks, I ran into the book and movie based on a true story: Way of the Peaceful Warrior. There I learned, among many other things, to “train just for the joy of movement… for that moment.“, as the trainer in the book said…

1 st , 2 nd , and 3 rd place at World Championship

Nowadays I train only for fun, for that moment, for the joy of movement at the moment… What are the results after this change? I received 3rd black belt in karate, higher training license, founded my own karate school, competed abroad… and at the end, also these competition results…

1st and 2nd place at World Championship of Kata teams, 3rd place at World Championship in Kumite (competitive fight), 5th place at European Championship and 5th place at World Championship of Kata individuals-routines- where I enjoyed every moment…

Surprisingly, all my accomplishments are better compared to the times when I was simply “chasing results.”

„I am excited to meet you at the gym – here in person in the club or online in the Karate365.org.“

And what am I doing these days?

Currently, I am a trainer and a chairman of a big sports club: – Karate Lions Pardubice:

I am the author of the Karate365.org where you can step by step dive into secrets of an ancient martial art – karate. 

I was the director of European Shotokan Karate Championship, Pardubice, Czech Republic, 2017.

European Shotokan Karate Championship 2017 and World Karate Cup - Pardubice, 2017

Furthermore, I was also the director of international tournament – Pardubice Open – International Karate Lions Cup.

Because I am engaged in many activities and interests, I had to find a way to efficiently manage my time and make my life easier. You can find all my insights, advice and tips based on both my personal and my colleagues´ experience on www.ondrejcharvat.cz

I am also sharing my training advice and experience on my blog www.ondrejcharvat.cz . 😉

Trainer of the Year – 2017, 2021

Receiving the title Trainer of the Year in prestigious sports awards Athlete of the Year (Pardubice, Czech Republic, 2017 and 2021)

The Highest Trainer´s License – Class A

At this moment, I am intensively working on attaining the highest trainer´s license – class A at Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, Charles University in Prague. I apply all the gained knowledge and experience into the practice right away.

Athlete of the Year

I was awarded and nominated in various different sports awards and competitions such as Athlete of the Year, Karate Champion of the Year, etc. I use my experience and knowledge from international competitions in the training with my students.

„...why do I share all this with you?“

You are probably wondering why I am sharing all this information with you. As you might already know, everything in life happens for a reason and we attract what we think, feel, and act.

„...if this website helps at least one person, it was all worth it

And so, you have attracted this article into you life. Maybe because you are going through something similar or because you have realized, changed, or learned something. Or just maybe you are supposed to hand over this information and help someone else.

„… find the inspiration, help with your training, or
possible solution to your current situation here.“

I am looking forward to meeting you in the Karate365.org!!