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"I help others on their journey in karate training, which becomes for them a source of joy from movement and improvement of body and mind."

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Before I went there, so I did not take it too. Then I learned a lot of interesting things and have fun. I just hope I never need it, and if I did, maybe something would stay in my head in that short time. It was great.
I was excited about the course and was very helpful. Ondra led this course very friendly and always explained the situation. my enjoyment before the start of the course became absolutely fantastic enthusiasm after the end.
Petra Navrátilová
I thank Ondra for an untraditionally spent afternoon full of fun, laughter, but also sweat and bruises… Ondra explained everything nicely, showed clearly and had patience with the frolicking crowd...What else could you wish for.
Pavlína Jonáková
"I recommend both the club and the coach."
Tomáš Linhart
A very friendly person with a sense of humor and a huge passion.
"Thank you for your patience and great clarity in preparing for the exam of TV."
"After several years of training in the old team, where my former coach didn't take it very seriously and didn't prepare me for tournaments at all, the start in the Lions was a huge change. Ondřej certainly understands the theory very well and it can be seen that the whole club is very important to him and he lives quite a bit by training. After two and a half years in the Lions, I got to a much higher level thanks to him."
Jan Vobruba
"From my own experience, I can recommend training under Ondra. At first I just wanted to learn the basics of self-defense and improve my physique, but after becoming a member of the Karate Lions, karate caught me and I feel great in every way. I believe that if I get into a crisis situation - I can do it! Thank you."
Mia Salfická
The self-defense course was conducted on a very friendly and open basis. I take a lot of useful advice and observations from the course. As a coach, Ondra has very good communication skills, he can draw people into his presentation and stimulate their curiosity.
An amazing coach with a fun concept ;-), it's a beautiful under his guidance to learn to defend.
Petra Knedlová
Super. I enjoy training and I always get some experience from it.
The course was at a very high level. Fun but also pretty hard work ;-). The acquired knowledge corresponded to the length of the course.
Self-defense with Ondra was very helpful and excited me the truth. Ondra explained everything to us and gave good advice. I'm happy and I hope that you'll ever meet on any course.
it was amazing, I really enjoyed it