Private lessons - regular VIP cooperation with Ondra

Book a private lesson. It is the most effective way of training. 😉
Only you and the coach are in each lesson. 

Choose what you are looking for, you need help with something ...

Focus of training:

  • Karate - kata, kumite, technique
  • Self-defense and crisis situations
  • Fitness with elements of martial arts
  • Relaxation, regeneration
  • Relax with punching bags and equipment 😉
  • Personal coaching

Who are the trainings for::

  • Basically for anyone who wants to work on themselves with the greatest possible efficiency.

Stories of participants of private courses:

  • ... wants to learn to defend themselves.
  • ... needs to relax after work and release excess energy ... 😉
  • ... needs a discreet private clock because he's a famous person.
  • ... preparing for European and world karate tournaments.
  • ... needs to be taught techniques before strapping.
  • ... wants to move around after work and train martial arts.
  • ... before he starts training martial arts in a club, he wants to learn the basics.

Benefits for students of private lessons:

  • The coach is dedicated only to you
  • Training is more effective
  • Trainings are individually focused
  • Each student has a profile on ekurzy.ondrejcharvat.cz, where they can track their progress and learn new things
  • Discounts on seminars
  • Discounts on online courses


Where the training takes place:

  • Pardubice - gym Karate Lions Pardubice - Bokova 364, Pardubice - Pardubičky
  • At your place - it is possible to agree individually (it is necessary to count on an increase in the price for transport and extra time)
  • Online

Price for cooperation:

  • The price for VIP cooperation is stated in the order form below - it depends on the selected variant of the intensity of preparation.

You can book private lessons in the form below:

  • If you do not see the form, write to me at ondra@ondrejcharvat.cz
  • Please write the focus and date in a note.
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