👨 „It’s like new Facebook, but only for karatekas…“

„It’s like new Facebook, but only for karatekas… I like the idea. :-)“

That’s exactly the kind of news I’ve been getting these days from all sides, and I have to say, I’m very happy about them. 🙂

Two days ago, we launched a community online project into the world, where karatekas can help each other and share their experiences.

It is the Karate 365! online platform, on which every karate player, parent, relative, fan or even sponsor can have their own profile.

You can also find my trainer profile there and you can easily add me review there – it won’t even take a minute. 🙂

Below I give a screenshot of one of the messages that I started getting now. 🙂

Try Karate 365 – „facebook“ for karate athletes. 😉

I look forward to meeting you there.