Invitation to Lions Camp 2021

Summer is coming – come and enjoy it with karate, self-defense and physical activities – Karate Lions Camp 2021 will be!

From the 12th to the 19th of July, the summer training camp Karate Lions Camp 2021 will take place, where both beginner karate players and seasoned competitors will meet together. The theme of the accompanying program is Vampires and Werewolves, you can look forward to a unique experience under the guidance of experienced instructors and in a crack team of up to 60 participants. And we do not forget even the smallest ones, for them a program is prepared this year within the suburban camp. 🙂

How would you like summer camp experience? Just pick a topic:

  • karate training
  • self defense training
  • physical activities

(please choose the focus in the note at the reservation)

Do not wait for the last moment, the capacity is limited and fills quickly. Come with us to spend 8 busy days in Tramtáryje Horní Jelení.

And since the situation has been unpredictable in the last year, we guarantee you 100% of the price back if the training is not organized due to the covid situation. 

I want to log in 🙂  

And how can participate in summer camps look like? Check out our video